At SRD, we have several volunteer positions available for those not wanting to be on track skaters, but still part of the this vibrant, fun league and sport.


Skating officials are our referees. Affectionately known in roller derby as our, “zebras.” Their job in the league is to know the rules of the sport and to officiate our at our practices, scrimmages, and games. They keep us safe on the track by calling penalties during game play when there has been a rules violation. It’s a fast paced, and fun way to be a part of the game while not taking any of the hard hits and keeping us in line!


Non-skating officials are our record keepers. A vital part of the league but in a non-skating capacity. “NSO’s or flamingos” as they are known, have several different positions on track and off during game play. There are many positions that an NSO fills during a bout. They keep track of penalties, the score, game time, jam time, and many other areas. They are needed at scrimmages and games. So the commitment of time is not as intense, but still allows our NSO’s to be a part of the team and sport, in an equal, yet less physical role.


Announcers or announcing is another role that can be filled in the league. The announcers come on game days and are the audience surrogate, teacher, and informant. They call the action and keep the audience informed of what is happening in the fast paced, action packed sport of roller derby. They need to know how game play works, what penalties can occur, call out player names and numbers, and know how point scoring works. They are needed at home games.

Everyone of these positions is as important as the skaters on the track. They have a voice in the league and are vital to the success of this team. We act as one to make the league as prosperous and flourishing as one league can.