New Recruit Information

Do you like what you see and want to become more involved with Springfield Roller Derby as a skater?  We offer Buddy System Nights several times throughout the year as a way to introduce basic skills.  Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for when those events will take place. In the mean time, here is some information on what to expect as a new skater with Springfield Roller Derby.


Welcome to Springfield Roller Derby.  We are Springfield’s premiere Internationally ranked WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) roller derby league.  We are comprised of two traveling teams – the All-Stars & the Battle Broads, as well as four home teams as numbers allow.  This manual has been tailored specifically for rookie skaters, like yourself, to guide you through the ins & outs of this hard hitting sport.  It contains everything you will need to know about our league, the sport, gear and the WFTDA.  

Quick History of Roller Derby

To learn more about roller derby and how it came to be, please visit the WFTDA’s website.

New Recruit Expectations

Becoming a new member of a league can seem daunting – especially for people who have no skating experience.  Rookie skaters are often worried about falling down, not being able to perform drills, or not being able to keep up (all while trying to fit in with a new group of people). It is not your job as a new skater to worry about those things.  We have all been there, and we will take care of making feel welcome.  Just worry about learning the basics!


In order to become a better skater, you will need as much time on the tack as possible.  We will discuss more in the training program below about the details of your training.  In order for you to step out onto the track and engage with other skaters, you will need a few things:

    • A mouth guard (Sisu is the most popular brand among season skaters.  But a bite & boil will suffice until you feel more comfortable)
    • A helmet that has both hard and soft foam to protect your squishy brain from being concussed. (We recommend S1 helmets or hockey helmets)
    • Elbow, wrist, and knee pads (Most skaters prefer Triple 8 or 187 Killer pads).
  • And most of all Quad Speed Skates

New Recruit Training Program

Each member of the New Recruit training program will go through a 8-12 week training program, where you will learn all of the basic skills needed to be promoted to the vet track.  Skills such as falls, stops, blocking, assists & endurance are taught and each practice builds upon the skills learned from the practice before. At the end of the session, each skater will be assessed to make sure they are safe to be promoted. Also during the training program, skaters will train to be NSO’s (non-skating officials) to help during game play.  These are vital positions needed to play a successful game and it is also a great way to learn more about the game.

WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements/Training

WFTDA Ed Minimum Skills Videos

WFTDA Rules of the Flat Track

Becoming a Member of the League

After 30 days with the league (from the time you sign your waiver) you will be required to sign our bylaws to continue to participate.  The bylaws include a simple code of conduct that all skaters must follow and every procedure you will need to know in order to function as an active member.  Although the bylaws flesh out our basic principles, there are obvious rule that new skaters will be expected to follow early on.

    • We practice in a professional sporting environment.  Bring a red (or pink) and blue (or black) t-shirt/tank/jersey with your to every practice. We also strongly suggest that you wear leggings or fingertip black shorts.  It is also encouraged that once your derby name is selected, to put your name & number on your t-shirt/tank/jersey so that all can get to know you better and you will be prepped for when you are scrimmage ready (this is a requirement to participate in scrimmage).
    • Be cordial. You do not have to like your teammates outside of practice, but you are expected to get along with them.  We practice, play and win as a team.
    • If you do happen to have a disagreement with a skater, approach them and try to hash things out with them personally before involving someone else, like a skater rep.
  • Always try your best.  You may feel as though your best is not good enough, but that is never the case! If you give it 110% at practice, you will succeed.

Buddy System Night Information

We dedicate a night of fun for Roller Derby 101! We have loaner gear on hand for you to try out various skills, participate in a Q&A session, as well as a view a demonstration. It is recommended that you bring a boil & bite mouthguard for your protection. Also, bring a bottle of water and dress in comfortable clothing.

To participate in SRD, you must be 18 years or older. Upon arrival of the event, you will need to sign a waiver and present you I.D.

If you have any questions, please message us your drop us an email at [email protected] or message us on our Facebook page